The websites that pay you to shop online
The Mirror, 06.02.2008
Smart shoppers have signed up to "cashback" websites that give them access to cheaper online deals and the chance to earn money on purchases.

Father-of-two Robert Pearson is delighted that he joined Quidco in December 2006.

As a member he's earned £1,000 in the past 12 months.

"It's a no-brainer - money for nothing," says 26-year-old Robert, from Edinburgh.

"I heard about cashback sites and decided to find out more. I was about to renew my car insurance and found the same cover £105 cheaper - and I got £90 cashback. I was quids in, I almost couldn't believe it.

"It takes a nano-second to sign in and then I can shop away.

"My biggest cashback was £120 on my home insurance but it's not really about big bucks, it's about being rewarded for doing everyday shopping.

"I'm using my earnings to pay for our holiday - that's one big expense off my mind."